Child Care Resource Network  

The Child Care Resource Network (CCRN) provides a fee-based service to employers to help their employees meet their child care needs.

CCRN is funded by corporate contracts.

How CCRN Assists Employers

  • Assists their employees in locating regulated child care
  • Helps to reduce child care related employee absenteeism
  • Provides for a more stable working environment
  • Helps employees take the focus off unsettled child care issues and put the focus back on work

How CCRN Assists Parents

  • Provides referrals to regulated child care homes and centers
  • Refers to appropriate resources for in-home and sick child care services
  • Provides information regarding current state regulations
  • Provides resources on choosing quality child care
  • Provides one-on-one follow-up until child care selection is completed and parent is satisfied
  • Provides additional parent referrals to child care businesses/programs

Need Assistance?

For more information about the Child Care Resource Network, please contact:

 480-829-0500 x 1133 (Maricopa County)

 800-535-4599 x 1133 (Toll Free)

 FAX: 480-829-9283



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