Celebrate the Young Child Conference  

A full day of training for child care professionals, educators, and parents.

The Celebrate the Young Child Conference is hosted annually each spring by ASCC . The conference provides classes for child care professionals, educators, and parents from across Arizona.

Workshops, networking, and more!

Hundreds of child care professionals participate in a variety of workshops that enhance their understanding of child development and behaviors, as well as the state of child care in Arizona.

ASCC works to strengthen the child care profession by creating an environment for caregivers and teachers to network, increase their awareness about child development, and learn about new and existing services that will help them care for our future.

Participants are encouraged to visit with conference vendors and exhibitors, and to become familiar with valuable products, services, and resources available for the early childhood community.

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For more information, please contact:

Tanya Kopke

 480-829-0500 x 1141 (Maricopa County)

 800-535-4599 x 1141 (Toll Free)

 Email: tkopke@asccaz.org

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